Northern Memorial Squash Doubles

Thu, Dec 1, 2011

Club News

Last Saturday Khandallah hosted the ‘Northern Memorial’ Squash Doubles tournament.
With all ex-Northern and Khandallah members invited to enter this was a great opportunity to introduce Khandallah players to a bit of the old Northern culture by playing an incredible 8 matches (all to three games) within 6 hours. Thats 24 games each !!
Not only was the schedule tough, but most turned up in costumes of all colours depicting any number of cartoon characters. We had Bam Bam, Super Girl, Batman, Pocahontas, Sport Billy, Spiderman and many others join us on the day and it was interesting to see how many of them found their costume choice wasnt perhaps as suitable for squash as they had supposed !!
The day started promptly at 10am with much enthusiasm and vigour, and involved everyone from teenagers to the recently retired. Six hours later it was all over … with a little less enthusiasm and vigour but still with plenty of laughter and fun.
The eventual winners were very apt in that they represented both Khandallah (Dennis Siefe) and Northern (Russell Foley) coming together to play, and win, as one. Congratulations to Dennis and Russell for winning 7 out of 8 matches and being the runaway Doubles Champions.
The day was a great social occassion and was beautifully topped off by the Khandallah Xmas function at the end. Many thanks to Julian Allen and his merry band of super heros for organising such a fun filled event to officially say ‘goodbye’ to the mighty Northern !!
And finally, to all you Khandallah folk who have so openly embraced the Northern gang, we all thank you and promise to try really hard to fully embrace the Khandallah clan by ceasing to call ourselves ‘ex-Northerners’ !! ;-)