Looking Back to Last Seaons Junior Tennis

Fri, Aug 23, 2013

Junior Tennis

Last season we had 20 teams (105 players) in the pre-Christmas draw and 22 teams (110 players) in the post-Christmas draw. This was about the same number as in the preceding season, and is equal largest with Miramar for number of teams entered by any Wellington Club in Junior Interclub.  Our Junior Interclub teams all performed very well, with 8 teams finishing winner or runner- up in their grades pre or post-Christmas.


  • Girls Regional 1:  Winner pre-Christmas, Khandallah Cordwell,  (Ivy McLean, Brianna Mitchell, Olivia Mitchell, Leah Henderson).

  • Girls B Grade: Winner pre-Christmas, Khandallah Nola (Anna Becroft, Hannah Dewes, Maddy Hazelton, Sarah Ward, Kiyamoto Fink).

  • Girls D1 Grade: Winner pre-Christmas, Khandallah Barry (Charlotte Mason, Kate Forster, Betty Alice Orr-McFaull, Caitlyn Cresswell, Eleanor White).

  • Girls Novice A Grade: Winner post-Christmas, Khandallah Baker (Katherine Holland, Hannah Wildash-Chan, Jessie Williams, Hannah Jurke, Victoria Edwards).

  • Girls Novice B Grade: Winner post-Christmas, Khandallah Nola (Isabelle Howard, Lucy Gray, Sophie Brown, Charlotte Mills, Jessica Kenyon).

  • Boys Novice Grade: Winner pre-Christmas, Khandallah Venus (Beau Spencer, William Shaw, Aidan Grant, Anthony Connell, Daniel Connell).


  • Girls D1 Grade: Runner Up post-Christmas, Khandallah Terry (Caitlyn Oliver, Rosa Buxton, Brooke Elliston, Juliane Gillespie, Jemma Chester).
  • Boys D1 Grade: Runner Up pre-Christmas, Khandallah Statham (Oliver Witkowski, Isaac Quirke, Alexi Zangouropoulos, Oliver Watson).

Registration is now open for 2013/13 Junior Tennis Interclub. Registration closes on the 31st August – click here for more information and to register online