News from your Squash Committee

Hi folks

 A final update on Squash related matters for 2013.

Wet Walls:   Fundraising continues and there has been some good progress with more than $20K raised so far!!  Suffice to say, there is a long way to go – but look out for the Wet Walls fundraising barometer early next year, so we can all monitor progress towards the goal.  

Fundraising:  Directly related to progress of the wet walls solution is the fundraising plan for 2014.  The Quiz night (see below) is the first event planned for 2014.  We are keen to make a buck any way we can but having said that we recognise that fatigue will set in (if it hasn’t already) if the same fundraisers target the same pockets over and over.  So …., we need your help!  If you can assist in any way with a fundraising effort, no matter how small, it would be hugely appreciated. 

Jumble:  As a suggestion re fundraising, if you can find/donate a prize for a raffle (e.g. that unwanted Xmas gift from your in-laws!!) we will gratefully receive it and raffle it off at an appropriate event.  Even small items can be used together with other items (e.g. in a gift basket).  Another suggestion is to ask a business you frequently visit (e.g. cafe, butcher, restaurant etc.) for a donation or voucher.  It costs you nothing to ask and the business will benefit from exposure (we’ll give them a plug when we raffle the item).   Whatever it is you can do to help your committee will be most grateful and we’ll be that little bit closer to having dry walls.

Your Squash Committee:  We’re delighted to have Kirsten Malpas join the squash committee.  We’re always looking for new blood to join the Committee – so if your New Year’s Resolutions include “contributing some time and effort to a good cause” let us know!  It’s entirely okay to commit for a short period and be selective in how you contribute – so don’t be shy.

Autumn InnerClub – February 2014:  Thanks to all those that participated in Spring InnerClub and particularly to Siobhan for running the event.  If someone is able to assist Siobhan (note “assist” not “replace”) organise the next Innerclub starting in mid-February (not terribly onerous, honest!) please let us know.  Remember, Innerclub is open to non-members – so chase up those people you know who once said ‘I’ve always wanted to play squash” etc and get them on board!!

Quiz Night – Friday February 21stThe date for the “Big Quiz” is Friday 21st February.  All funds raised will be used towards the wet wall solution.  We’re delighted to confirm that Grant Shields and his attractive assistant (Roy Callard) will be the quiz masters.  They are true entertainers and worthy of a big crowd!  With that in mind, please think about organising a team which includes at least some “non-members” – perhaps your work mates or friends/family that enjoy a good quiz!  More details to come.

That’s it for now. On behalf of your squash committee, best wishes for the festive season and a relaxing summer break.  See you in 2014!!


John Horner

Club Captain – Squash