Match Report 15th Feb 2014 – Khandallah Nunneley (Regional 2 Girls)

Mon, Feb 17, 2014

Junior Tennis, Tennis News

Khandallah Nunneley, one of the Regional 2 Girls teams had the home court advantage, looking flash in their new outfits. Emma Shepherd, Nicola Shaw, Meg Vogel and Meg Bradley had no idea what to expect from the Tawa-Lyndhurst team who had come down from Regional 1.

Doubles was up first and what a spectacle these two matches were! Both games went down to the wire finishing in a super tiebreaker that both teams managed to win!

2-0 up and the singles began. Meg Vogel and Emma Shepherd didn’t spend much time on the court; they were just too good for their opponents. Nicola Shaw had more of a battle and it wasn’t just with her opponent, the wind picked up causing balls to go flying. She eventually came out on top supported by her teammates who had finished a while before. Meg Bradley played very well considering she been sick earlier in the week but unfortunately couldn’t quite finish off the super tiebreaker.

A wonderful effort had by all and hopefully the 7 points the girls won will help them keep near the top of the ladder and move up to Regional 1.


  • Emma and Nicola – Won 6/7, 6/3,  7/6 (10/3)
  • Meg V and Meg B – Won 6/4, 3/6, 7/6 (10/3)
  • Emma – Won 6/0, 6/3
  • Nicola – Won 6/2, 6/3
  • Meg V – Won 6/1, 6/2
  • Meg B – Lost 6/2, 4/6, 6/7 (8/10)