Trans Tasman Tennis News – Dec 2013

Mon, Feb 17, 2014

Junior Tennis

Teddy Tennis

We have launched a new initiative for children under 5 years old. This new programme is called “Teddy Tennis”. Successfully used in Europe and the USA, we are the first coaching business in New Zealand to provide this innovative introduction to tennis.

Teddy Tennis is run by our super peewee coach Leonie Ware. Lessons are 30-50 minutes depending on age and feature musical stories and characters, adapted equipment and tennis specific development skills.

It has been a great success. Parents were also invited to receive an introduction to playing tennis on the next court, while their children were involved in their Teddy Tennis lesson.


Tennis Hot Shots Certificates

Our new Tennis Hot Shots programme has been a huge success; players are now able to play a form of tennis right from their first lesson, using modified equipment and smaller court sizes. All players under 12 years old, enrolled in our Trans Tasman Tennis programme, have been assessed and received a Tennis Hot Shots certificate to acknowledge their improvement.

Graduations for each level – December 2013


Blue 2:  23                            Red 1:  20                         Red 2:  7

Red 3:  16                             Orange 1:  19                    Orange 2:  16

Green 1:  5                            Green 2:  18


Congratulations to all players! Assessments have been led by Jakim, Michael, Seb, Hans, Thomas and Matthieu. Special thanks to Susan and Jo for their tremendous work in the office, in order to check, compile and print all the results.

I.T.N. Assessment

All players over 12 years old, enrolled into our Trans Tasman Tennis programme, have been assessed fallowing the International Tennis Number certification. This assessment consists of 5 different drills, to measure each player’s skill level on their forehand, backhand, serve, volley and movement. A score is received for each, which accumulates to provide a total score which is then associated with a number from 10-1. 1 is the highest ITN score possible.

These assessments have been led by Michael, Thomas, Jakim, Seb and Matthieu.

Top scorers have been rewarded with posters, grips and vouchers donated by Thump Sports. A special thanks to Shane and Jase for their help and support.


Friday Junior Club Night

Each week, at Junior Club Night, a tournament and some special games have been organized to motivate and reward young junior members. This entertaining programme has been run by Michael and Matthieu.

All club night sessions ended with a special rewarding ceremony. Prizes (posters, grips and dampers) were generously donated by Thump Sports and sweets by Trans Tasman Tennis.


Adult Coaching Sessions

Adult coaching sessions are always coached in a fun, active and friendly atmosphere. We focus on technical and tactical improvement to help players achieve their performance goals. Congratulations to all new players, who have successfully entered into tennis. We still have available spaces in both morning and evening sessions for anyone who is ready to return to tennis or give it a go.


Matthieu Bonnafous
Head Coach KTSC