Midweek Tennis – Summer Calendar

Thu, Aug 17, 2017

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Dates for our summer season are as follows:

Thursday 7 September (9.30am start): Opening day. Fun Tournament with spot prizes and morning tea. Everyone welcome. Bring a friend.

Friday 8 September: Interclub entries close.

Thursday 14 September: Kay Champion Ice Bucket /Buttons Tournament (21 Sept if rained off)

Monday 16 October: Interclub starts

Thursday 19 October: Handicap Tournament (alternatively 26 Oct)

Tuesday 31 October: Singles Champs (alternatively 7 Nov)

Thursday 9 November: Doubles Champs (alternatively 16 Nov)

Tuesday 28 November: Kevin Woolcott Trophy/Buttons Tournament (alternatively 5 December)

Thursday 14 December: Christmas Closing day, fun tournament, morning tea.