Important COVID19 Announcement for Alert Level 2

Wed, May 13, 2020

Club News

Pick up your racquets and dust off your shoes.  KTSC is all set to reopen on Thursday 14 May.

We have put in place a comprehensive safety plan so that you can enjoy playing tennis and squash again.  All members will have received an email detailing our expectations relating to behavior at the club.  As you would expect, there are some rules that must be complied with, including a mandatory manual contact tracing register to be completed by everyone entering and leaving the club.  Maintaing a high standard of hygiene is of the utmost importance and you will find hand sanitizer throughout the club and cleaning products in the bathrooms.  In the interests of hygiene and to encourage appropriate physical distancing the lounge/bar/kitchen area is not open for use until further notice.

Any questions, please ask at the office or contact a committee member.  If you have any concerns or see any instances or noncompliance please also contact the office by phone or email or contact a committee member as soon as possible.

Most of all use your commonsense, be courteous and aware of others around you, enjoy your game, and PLAY SAFE.