KTSC – Covid Info Level 2 – Safety Plan

Thu, May 14, 2020

Club News

Thanks to all those involved in getting the Club ready for opening on Thursday and a special thanks to Shane from Thump Sports for his help.  He has done a tremendous job sanitising the Club.  It was great to see activity at the Club yesterday, courts in use, Thump open, coaching teams gearing up and Jillian back in the Office.

We would like to share with you the KTSC Safety Plan for Level 2.  To reopen the Club at Level 2 there are significant requirements in terms of what the Club has to do and the information we are required to give you, one of which is the attached Safety Plan.

Level 2 is new to all of us and the management committee will be regularly communicating to review our current practices with regard to new information and the latest developments.

A few tips and reminders for visiting the club:

  • Paper based sign in is required (given the range of activities at the Club and ages involved it was decided this method would be the most appropriate).  Please ensure you allow time for this and maintain social distancing if multiple people arrive at once (waiting outside if necessary).
  • Please remember to sign out
  • Hand-sanitise on arrival, exit and before and after play
  • Bring your own filled water bottles
  • Avoid touching shared surfaces as much as possible
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • When you have finished, leave in a timely manner
  • Sanitise shared equipment before and after use
  • Have fun!

Enjoy your weekend and we hope you fit in a game of squash or tennis.

The Management Committee